Exemption Application

There is excellent evidence that providing supervision to people who are injecting drugs reduces death, the spread of infectious disease and other harms. 


OICHI is proposing to add supervised drug service  to the care they provide and, to evaluate this service measuring the impact on clients, staff and the communities where our programs are located. 


THE OICHI SUpervised drug consumption PROPOSAL

  • Most people associate supervised drug consumption services with a “site” where people come to consume drugs. OICHI is proposing an alternate model which provides a supervised injection  service wherever people who used drugs are already living and receiving health care from OICHI. 
  • OICHI is proposing to study two different approaches for supervised drug consumption-a crisis and a recovery model.  Services would be similar but, the clinical goal would be quite different.

1.    The crisis model would help people who were caught up in a cycle of compulsive drug use to  reduce the period of compulsive use and  accelerate engagement in treatment and care for substance use, mental illness and physical health. 

2.     The recovery model will focus on those individuals who are working to  control their use of drugs and achieve stability in their lives by the  recovery process and reducing the overdose risks which are strongly associated with occasional drug use.

  • Instead of opening a site (SIS), Supervised Drug Consumption (SDC) will be made available in existing programs which already serve people who use drugs in shelters and supported housing. 
  • SDC would only be available to people who are already patients of OICHI and would be only one part of a comprehensive program of holistic care. 
  • We hope to prove that this model of care can enhance care for people who use drugs but, not impact the number of people who use drugs nor the impact of drug use in the local community.


Key information about the model and the service are below but, we are happy to answer any specific questions which you might have by phone or email.



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OICHI Controlled Substances Exemption Request Briefing Note (PDF)

Model of Proposed Service (PDF)


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