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 aims  to improve the health and access to health care for people who are chronically homeless . Our main function is to coordinate and integrate health care services so that homeless individuals can receive the same quality of health care as other Canadians. Health issues, while homeless are often complicated by the lack of housing, family support and care.  In response, OICH has special health care units which are located within local homeless shelters creating a safe environment where health care can be provided.  These special units are staffed by personal support workers and supported by visiting nurses and doctors. They are operated through a partnership between the shelters.  This model has been well accepted by homeless clients and supports health outcomes which are comparable to the Canadian standard

OICH and Harm Reduction

Harm Reduction is a public health approach that emphasizes reducing the harmful effects of drug and alcohol use among people who are currently unable to stop using. To every extent possible, the programs and services will embrace harm reduction principles

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Vision Statement

A community in which individuals who are chronically homeless have equitable access to the supports and services they require for maintaining or improving their health.

Mission Statement

The mission of OICH, Inc is to contribute to ending homelessness in the community by providing health care and improving the quality of life for people who are chronically homeless.

Service Philosophy

OICH Inc. is dedicated to treating clients with respect, compassion and dignity
The services of the OICH, Inc are based on:

• A commitment to excellence in the provision of care to clients
• A commitment to innovation
• A commitment to collaboration and respect between all the partner 
  organizations and service providers who support the program
• A commitment to the responsible use of resources in keeping with the
  expectations of funders and the public
• A commitment to ending homelessness in our community
• A commitment to teaching, learning and research
• Creating a work environment in which staff are valued and respected and in
  which professional growth is nurtured