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Remembering Tom Hogan


Photos over the years

Gerry's Story

Gerry was brought for a tour of the Mission Hospice by his mental health worker. He was tired, asked to lie down, hopped into bed, looked around, smiled and said “now I’m home”. He was recently out of prison and was deathly ill from AIDS. Normal HIV/AIDS care had been denied to him on the basis of “non-adherence” which had nothing to do with his wishes and everything to do with his mental illness and therestrictions imposed on him by the criminal justice system. He had been living in a halfway house were he was being penalized by staff because of his diarrhea. He had lost 25 kilos in less than a month. Click Here to Read More

Gideon's Story

I had no name for four days, until my grandmother gave me a name. I had a heart and kidney operation when I was two month old because my mother drank and did drugs when she was pregnant with me, so I was in the hospital for five years on and off, I would have to go to Montreal. I believe I was not held too much ‘cause I have trouble when somebody touches me. When I  was six or seven my sisters, that are three years older, made me smoke cigarettes so I would not tell on them, but my mother found out and she started giving me cigarettes at that age, but she did not want my sisters to smoke. Click Here to Read More