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The Inner City Health program has been involved in a wide variety of research initiatives. These projects have characterized the extent and nature of homelessness within Ottawa, as well as, the specific health related issues faced such as, community acquired MRSA, HIV and Hep C. Using cohort and panel study methodology, as well as, narrative inquiry, we have identified many of the essential elements of homelessness and the associated health related complications and impediments to care. In addition, research has focused upon key descriptive analyses of palliative care and the cost-effectiveness of interventions. These research initiatives have led to numerous publications and presentations, nationally and internationally. We have enjoyed excellent collaboration within Ottawa with our numerous partners at the level of the Community, University and Hospital. We have been actively involved provincially in many different developmental research initiatives and have now extended our research to include partnerships through diffrent NGOs, primarily in Africa.


 Ottawa Inner City Health as an Academic NGO

 Since it's inception, Ottawa Inner City Health (OICH) has included a focus on teaching, research and use of evidence based practice in it's core activities. OICH has been supported in developing an academic focus and sustaining partnerships with academia through ACANGO infinitive of the Global Health Team, Institute of Population Health, University of Ottawa. OICH and University of Ottawa received a Community Campus Partnership Award in recognition of this work.


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